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Nasopharyngeal Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Nasopharyngeal Cancer

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Nasopharyngeal cancer is relatively rare, so you should have your annual checkups with your primary care physician. Your doctor will perform a complete physical exam and check for neck masses. If the condition is not curable, your primary care provider may refer you to a specialist in the field of head and neck cancer.

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A small lump in the neck is another symptom of nasopharyngeal cancer. This is actually an inflamed lymph node. Normally, lymph nodes are small and harmless, but when cancerous cells invade them, they swell several times their normal size. If you notice a swollen lymph node, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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A lump in the neck and difficulty hearing in one or both ears are some of the symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer. Other symptoms include blurred vision, coughing and nosebleeds. You should also check for abnormalities in your eyes or other areas of the body. Nasopharyngeal cancer can also be confused with other types of throat cancers. Although its symptoms are similar to those of other types of cancer, they will only manifest themselves when it has reached an advanced stage.

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Other symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer include pain in the nose, a lump in the neck, or a ringing or stuffy voice. A doctor may order an examination of your nasopharynx and surrounding organs. In most cases, a diagnosis is made based on symptoms. A doctor will usually recommend a biopsy in order to determine the exact nature and extent of the cancer.

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The ACRF website contains information on symptoms of various types of cancers. It is not a site for medical advice, but it provides information about the symptoms and how to diagnose them. Nasopharyngeal cancer is common in parts of Asia and Africa, and is often the first symptom you notice. It is important to visit a doctor as soon as possible if you have any of these symptoms.

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Although rare in the U.S., it is more prevalent among people from the Southeast Asia region and Asian immigrants. It is also more likely to affect men than women. A doctor may use an endoscope to see the tumor and may also take a small piece of the tumor to test. This sample is then sent to a laboratory for further analysis. The results of this biopsy will help determine whether or not you have the disease.

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In addition to surgery, your doctor may suggest other treatments, such as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy, a type of medication, works to kill cancer cells by targeting specific proteins in the body that encourage their growth. Radiation therapy is another treatment option for nasopharyngeal cancer. These treatments can be combined, and the outcomes of your treatment will depend on the type and stage of your disease.

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Radiation therapy is an effective treatment for early-stage nasopharyngeal cancer. High-energy radiation therapy kills the cancer cells in the area while also stopping the growth of new ones. Radiation therapy is most effective in cases of a small tumor, but it can have some side effects. For recurrent nasopharyngeal cancer, doctors may combine chemotherapy with radiation therapy. Besides, this treatment option is also known as brachytherapy. It involves the insertion of radioactive wires or seeds in the tumor.

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While this cancer is rare, it can still affect you. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, consult your GP. Your GP may perform a nasendoscopy to examine the area behind the nose and the roof of your mouth. If you think your symptoms are indicative of nasopharyngeal cancer, you should see a specialist to determine what treatment options are necessary.



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