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Renal Cell Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Renal Cell Cancer

Symptoms of renal cell cancer can vary widely, depending on the type of tumor. While about ten percent of patients have classic symptoms of renal cell cancer, other people may experience no symptoms or have vague symptoms that go unnoticed. A physician will collect information and run tests to diagnose the condition and rule out other conditions that cause similar symptoms. If you suspect you have renal cell cancer, schedule a consultation with a urologist.

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Surgery is the most common treatment for renal cell cancer, and involves removing the kidney or a portion of it. This treatment may also involve surrounding organs and lymph nodes. While surgery is not always the best treatment, it is often effective for symptom relief. Radiation is rarely effective, but it is a viable treatment option for small tumors. If you're experiencing symptoms of renal cell cancer, discuss your options with your doctor, as some types of radiation can aggravate existing conditions or lead to side effects.

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Imaging tests will help the doctor diagnose the type of cancer and determine whether metastasis has occurred. During an imaging study, doctors will evaluate the lymphatic system (which drains excess fluid from the body) and examine the lymph nodes, which are clusters of immune cells. If cancer cells are present, they may travel through thin-walled lymph vessels and settle in the nodes closest to the kidney. A diagnosis of renal cell cancer requires a thorough examination, blood work-up, and imaging tests.

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Depending on its size and location, renal cell cancer can affect the large veins leading to the heart and fatty tissue surrounding the kidney. Distant metastases may occur in the brain, bone, or lungs. Treatment depends on several factors including age and pre-existing conditions. All forms of treatment have risks and benefits. The decision on which treatment will be best for you will depend on the characteristics of your particular case.

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If the tumor is seven centimeters in diameter and has not spread outside the kidney, the cancer is stage 2. If it has spread to nearby tissue or a large vein, it is stage 3.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, it is recommended that you see a doctor right away. Symptoms of renal cell cancer can range from mild to severe, and you should seek immediate medical attention if you notice them. If you suspect that your kidneys are infected, your doctor will examine them and recommend treatment options. Patients with renal cell cancer may be treated with chemotherapy or biologic therapy. The initial treatment for renal cell cancer includes complete kidney removal and/or chemotherapy.

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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is advisable to see a physician as soon as possible. Your doctor will assess your overall health and examine your kidneys for lumps and any other abnormalities. If the cancer has spread, treatment options depend on its size and extent. You should seek medical advice as soon as possible if you suspect that you have kidney cancer. For those who have already detected the condition, early diagnosis is critical for a successful treatment.

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Surgery is the most common treatment for renal cell cancer. A surgeon will remove part or the whole kidney, as well as any surrounding tissues and lymph nodes. The surgery is painful and may cause a fever. If you cannot undergo surgery because you are unwell, your doctor may suggest other treatments such as immunotherapy. Although immunotherapy can enhance your immune system, it has severe side effects and is used only as a last resort in advanced renal cell cancer.

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While renal cell cancer typically occurs in people between 50 and 70 years of age, it can affect anyone at any age. It is twice as common in men than women, and is most curable when detected early. It is also associated with cigarette smoking, which increases the risk by almost twofold. As a result, cigarette smokers are more likely to develop renal cell cancer. If you are diagnosed with the disease, your doctor will want to perform a biopsy of your kidney to determine whether you have it.

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Imaging studies such as chest CT and MRI are also used to diagnose this disease. The CT scan provides more detailed images than an X-ray can. It can even show abnormal lymph nodes that are associated with the disease. In addition to imaging studies, doctors use serum electrolytes and blood urea nitrogen levels to identify tumors. A biopsy may be necessary if the diagnosis will affect the choice of treatment. Your doctor can determine whether a needle biopsy is necessary before starting any treatment.



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