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Craniopharyngioma in Childhood Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Craniopharyngioma in Childhood

If your child is showing any of the above symptoms, it is time to seek medical attention. The treatment you choose for your child will depend on how severe the symptoms are, his or her age, and the general health of your child. In most cases, removal of the tumor is the best option. In some cases, it is not possible to remove the tumor completely, and your child may need to receive radiation therapy.

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The first and most common symptom is ataxia, which is a sign of increased intracranial pressure and may indicate hydrocephalus. The second most common endocrine abnormality associated with craniopharyngiomas is growth retardation, which affects approximately 86% of patients. Third on the list of symptoms is obesity, which is caused by direct damage to the hypothalamus.

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There are no known environmental or infectious causes of craniopharyngioma. Although the exact cause of craniopharyngiomas is unknown, the following risk factors are known to increase the risk of development of the disease: Genetics and family history. In addition, precocious puberty has been associated with the development of craniopharyngiomas. The disease is usually diagnosed during the later years of childhood.

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The endocrine abnormalities associated with craniopharyngiomas are also associated with the tumor. Short stature is the most common endocrine abnormality, with growth retardation being documented in more than 86% of cases. Another endocrine abnormality, hyperthyroidism, contributes to obesity in children. Other symptoms related to hypothyroidism include dryness of the skin, brittle hair, and bradycardia.

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As craniopharyngiomas can cause an array of symptoms, it is best to consult a physician right away. The most obvious symptom is a tumor in the neck. In 5% to 10% of all brain tumors in children, craniopharyngiomas are rare. During the early stages, the only possible symptom is anemia. While the condition can be cured with surgery, some children may require radiation therapy to prevent brain cancer.

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Some children will show no signs of craniopharyngioma. However, these children are at a higher risk of having a craniopharyngioma in childhood. They may also display an increased risk of having an infection or of developing a tumor in the neck. These symptoms could be a sign of another problem. When your child has these symptoms, your doctor may recommend further testing.

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The most common symptoms of craniopharyngioma are ataxia and hydrocephalus. Most of these children will also show signs of decreased appetite and weight. Ataxia and a lack of appetite are common signs of the condition, but these are only symptoms of this type of craniopharyngioma. If you notice any of these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

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The primary symptom of craniopharyngioma is inability to speak. A patient with these symptoms may experience short- or long-term loss of height. This may be a sign of a tumor or other medical problem. Depending on the type of craniopharyngioma, the symptoms of the disease will vary. A child may have symptoms of ataxia.

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Some people may not notice any symptoms of craniopharyngioma. This cancer of the throat can be very hard to diagnose. During early childhood, a tumor may have swollen. The tumor may have reached the area of the lungs. Its location makes it impossible to see, but it can be detected by a scan. It will most likely be asymptomatic and not spread.

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Other symptoms of craniopharyngioma may include blurred vision. Some children with visual symptoms may experience visual problems, including headaches and fever. The affected child should be examined as soon as possible for a diagnosis. Your doctor will want to remove the tumor as much of it as possible. After surgery, high-energy waves may be used to shrink the tumor. Sometimes, a surgical removal is not possible.

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There are several different types of craniopharyngioma in childhood. The most common symptoms are headaches and vision problems. Some of the symptoms of craniopharyngioma are described below. If you suspect your child has craniopharyngioma, a biopsy will be necessary. You may also need to undergo a few other tests to rule out other diseases.



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