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Hypopharyngeal Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Hypopharyngeal Cancer

Hypopharyngeal cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the throat. It is also called the gullet. The hypopharynx is the section of the windpipe that houses the vocal cords. Symptoms of the disease may include difficulty swallowing and pain while speaking. A doctor may perform a biopsy to determine the cause of the cancer. This procedure can take months or even years to complete, so it is essential to have an accurate diagnosis.

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In the United States, approximately 30% of patients are diagnosed with local or regional hypopharyngeal cancer. In contrast, only 10% of patients develop distant metastases. In the US, most cases are asymptomatic. In most cases, the cancer is found in the pyriform sinus. In the posterior cricoid region, 25% of cases occur. The majority of these tumors are T3 or T4 and present with a large mass. Some of these tumors may spread into the aryepiglottic folds and into the paraglottic space. Although the majority of cases are non-invasive, if the tumor has spread to other parts of the body, the cancer is considered metastatic.

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Other signs of hypopharyngeal cancer include bleeding, poor swallowing, malnutrition, and pain. Some patients may experience referred otalgia, or pain originating in the ear through the Arnold nerve. These symptoms may indicate underlying malignancy. In 20% of cases, the tumor may have already spread to a metastatic node or to a mass in the neck.

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While hypopharyngeal cancer symptoms are rare, it is important to consult a medical professional. A doctor can assess these symptoms and refer you to a specialist if they find a mass. In addition to a physician's examination, a slit-lamp exam may be necessary. A slit-lamp may be used to diagnose hypopharyngeal cancer.

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Dysphagia, pain, and bleeding are common symptoms of hypopharyngeal cancer. Patients may experience a referred otalgia (pain that originates in the ear). The underlying tumor may be asymptomatic or recurrent. Often, a metastatic node will be present. Asymptomatic tumors are rarely found in children.

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Symptoms of hypopharyngeal cancer can include bleeding, pain, and a lump that can cause difficulty swallowing. In some cases, hypopharyngeal cancer can spread to lymph nodes and cause a permanent tracheostomy or loss of voice. If you develop symptoms of hypopharyngeal cancer, it is essential to seek medical care immediately. In severe cases, the condition may require surgery.

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Symptoms of hypopharyngeal cancer include mucosal ulceration and pooling of saliva in the pyriform fossa. Other signs of hypopharyngeal cancer include a shortened voice, a swollen neck, and a lump in the hypopharynx. During this procedure, the doctor may also check the cricoarytenoid joint, true vocal cords, and ear.

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Other symptoms of hypopharyngeal cancer include pain, bleeding, and malnutrition. Often, a patient will develop a lump in the neck or throat. Treatment of the tumor may include surgical removal of the thyroid or a laryngectomy. Despite these risks, surgery can result in pain and a loss of voice. There is also the risk of developing a syndrome called Plummer-Vinson syndrome, which leads to severe iron deficiency anemia and difficulty swallowing.

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If the tumor has spread beyond the hypopharynx, it can spread to the tissues of the neck, including the esophagus, trachea, and hyoid bone. The tumor can also reach lymph nodes and the carotid arteries, which is another reason to visit a doctor as soon as you notice any of the symptoms. The disease can spread to other areas of the body, so it is important to get it diagnosed early.

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If a cancer has spread, a CT scan may be necessary to determine if it is spreading. MRI scans can be used to detect the location of the tumor. During a CT scan, doctors can see how the cancer has spread. A CT scan can be useful in determining the type and extent of hypopharyngeal cancer. When the patient's voice changes, the symptoms may be indicative of hypopharyngeal cancer.

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Some hypopharyngeal cancer symptoms can be vague, but they are important nonetheless. Other symptoms include hemoptysis, weight loss, and laryngeal stridor. When the tumor has spread, it can directly invade the larynx. Ultimately, it can spread to other parts of the body, which can lead to complications. When this happens, it will be hard to determine which of the symptoms are related to hypopharyngeal cancer.



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