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Neuroblastoma Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Neuroblastoma

The signs and symptoms of neuroblastoma can vary, depending on where it has spread. Sometimes the tumor will shrink on its own, without treatment, or it may metastasize, or spread to other parts of the body. Once metastatic, the cancer becomes more difficult to treat. Early diagnosis can minimize the damage to the body and prevent its progression. In addition, early detection can minimize the treatment needed. If you suspect your child has this cancer, you should consult a doctor.

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The symptoms of neuroblastoma can vary depending on the tumor location, size, and hormone production. Some symptoms of neuroblastoma are common to children with other conditions. If your child has any of these symptoms, it's best to see a physician to rule out other illnesses. The doctor can determine whether neuroblastoma is the cause of the symptoms and treat them accordingly. For more information, see Neuroblastoma Symptoms

If the tumor has spread to other parts of the body, it may result in paraneoplastic syndromes.

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These disorders are characterized by abnormal hormonal levels and dysfunction of the immune system. These conditions are characterized by increased risk of death in children with neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a type of childhood cancer that can affect any part of the body. Although the disease is rare, it can cause serious problems.

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As it progresses, neuroblastoma can affect a child's growth and appetite. Although neuroblastoma symptoms differ from case to case, they usually indicate a child's body parts and whether the cancer has spread to the bone marrow. As the cancer grows, the cancer can also affect the bones of the body, which causes bone marrow to become swollen.

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Besides surgery, neuroblastoma treatment may include chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Some of these treatments involve a combination of medicines that kill cancer cells and are delivered through a machine. A child can participate in these studies if they wish. Children with cancer UK funds a number of research projects for neuroblastoma. These trials can provide a better understanding of how the disease works, and can help to improve treatment.

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In children, neuroblastoma usually begins in the adrenal glands, which are located on top of the kidneys. Neuroblastomas can also begin in the nervous tissue that runs alongside the spinal cord. The disease affects the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates many functions. Around half of all neuroblastomas start in the adrenal gland, while most begin near the spine. Despite the widespread nature of the disease, only 6% of children are affected by it.

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A large lump or swelling in the abdomen is a common sign of neuroblastoma. If the tumour has spread to distant areas of the body, it is called stage 4S. Stage 4S is associated with a better outlook than other stages. The tumour must have not spread to other organs or bones, and less than 10% of the bone marrow cells are neuroblastoma cells. There are also certain symptoms that may be present when the disease has spread to bones.

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Ongoing treatment for children with neuroblastoma involves ongoing care and follow-up. In addition to regular checkups with their doctors, parents should be aware of the symptoms of neuroblastoma and be able to ask questions about the treatments. It is also important to take care of oneself. A support group can provide valuable information to both parents and their child. It is important for children to be as active as possible despite the effects of neuroblastoma treatment.

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Diagnostic tests for neuroblastoma can help your child receive the proper treatment for their condition. A blood test will measure the amount of hormones produced by neuroblastoma cells. Blood tests may also be ordered to determine the extent of the disease. A CT scan and MRI are two common tests to diagnose neuroblastoma. They will also determine if the disease has spread throughout the body. You may also need a bone scan to determine if your child has cancer or not.

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The tumor in stage 3 must start vertically in the body (marked by the spine), making it difficult for the doctor to remove surgically. Lymph nodes in the affected area may contain cancer cells. Stage four tumors have spread to distant lymph nodes, bone marrow, bone, or liver. However, it is rare for a stage 3 tumor to spread to other parts of the body. A diagnosis of neuroblastoma should be made as soon as possible.



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