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Oral Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Oral Cancer

If you're having difficulty eating, you may have one of the oral cancer symptoms: a lump. The lump may be harmless and will slowly grow until it ruptures. The lump may be painless, or it could be red and white. You might also feel pain when you eat or chew, or have trouble speaking. These are all signs of oral cancer. But the most obvious symptom is the lump. It's a red and white patch that can develop anywhere in the mouth.

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Oral cancer symptoms are grouped by stage. Stage describes the size of the primary tumor and how far it has spread. In oral cancer, the letter T is for tumor and N is for lymph node spread. A grade of four or five indicates that the cancer has metastasized. Patients should visit their doctor if they notice any of these signs. It's also important to visit a doctor if any of these symptoms last longer than two to three months.

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If you have persistent sore throat, hoarseness, or a feeling of something in your throat, you could be dealing with oral cancer. You may also experience difficulty moving your jaw. This could be a sign of a tumor in this area. A growth on your tongue or in your mouth could also be a sign of oral cancer. In either case, it's best to visit a dentist or doctor for a thorough exam. Another warning sign is persistent mouth pain or sores.

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When it comes to oral cancer, it's important to know the warning signs so you can get diagnosed early. Early detection improves your chances of surviving. In fact, one-third of all people who suffer from oral cancer will develop a second cancer within five years. Make sure to have follow-up exams. And don't forget to tell your dentist about any symptoms you may have. You might be a victim of oral cancer.

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Another warning sign of oral cancer is a sore throat. People with this condition may feel their throat is caught in a knot. They may also have a swollen tongue, or a hoarse voice. If you notice these symptoms, see a dentist immediately. Men are more prone to oral cancer than women, and it's more likely to develop if you're a smoker. Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are also risk factors.

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Treatment options for oral cancer depend on its stage and extent. Depending on the stage of the disease, your doctor may choose surgery to remove the tumor or remove the affected area of the mouth. Radiation therapy may also be used. Radiation therapy aims to damage the DNA of tumor cells, making them unable to reproduce. External beam radiation is used to target the affected area. Brachytherapy, on the other hand, uses radioactive needles to deliver radiation.

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Breathing problems can also be a sign of oral cancer. Sometimes a tumor will partially block the airway. In such cases, your doctor will perform a tracheostomy procedure, which involves cutting a hole in your neck and inserting a hollow tracheostomy tube. You'll be monitored closely for a few weeks and may need additional treatment. If you have any of the oral cancer symptoms listed above, see a dentist immediately.

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Oral cancer treatments can affect the way you eat. You may not be able to eat, or your appetite might be diminished. To avoid these problems, consult a nutritionist who will help you plan a diet that's easy to digest. Another important aspect of cancer treatment is keeping the mouth clean and moist. Your dentist will also give you oral-cancer treatments. When you go for your consultation, be sure to ask about possible treatments for oral cancer symptoms.



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