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Osteosarcoma Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Osteosarcoma Cancer

If you are concerned that you may have Osteosarcoma cancer, you should know the symptoms to look for. Having this type of cancer is often deadly, so it's important to have a proper diagnosis to determine how to best manage your condition. You should know your options, including surgery or radiation therapy. You can also choose chemotherapy, which can shrink the cancer and kill small clusters of cancer cells.

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Pain in the area may be a sign of osteosarcoma. A pain in the affected area is accompanied by a firm swelling. Because the tumor is growing inside of the bone, it causes pain. The affected bone may break, and the patient will limp. Additionally, the bone may break easily because of the tumor. Patients should see a doctor as soon as possible. Osteosarcoma is painful and can make it difficult to walk.

Oren Zarif cervical neoplasia

Oren Zarif figo staging of cervical cancer

The diagnosis of osteosarcoma begins with a thorough history and physical exam. The healthcare provider will ask about your medical history and symptoms and examine your body to find lumps or irregular growths. Blood tests will help your healthcare provider determine whether the cancer has spread throughout your body or whether it is localized in one area. The doctor may also order a bone X-ray to find any abnormal growths in your bones.

Oren Zarif cervical neoplasia

Oren Zarif figo staging of cervical cancer

After surgery, you may be given chemotherapy to kill cancer cells. It may be injected into the vein or taken orally. Chemotherapy can shrink the tumor and make surgery easier. The medications can also help you manage your symptoms and lessen your risk of developing it again. If you or someone you know has Osteosarcoma, make sure to reach out to them. Try to build a support system to help you through this time.

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Some symptoms of osteosarcoma include unexplained limp, a weak or broken bone, or even a fractured bone. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with this type of cancer, it's important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Your child may be very tired. Regular activity is important for overall health, so make sure you keep follow-up appointments.

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Although there is no specific cause of osteosarcoma, scientists have determined that it forms when something goes wrong in a bone cell. Osteosarcoma begins when a healthy bone cell develops a change in its DNA, which contains instructions for making new cells. When this happens, the cell begins to make new bone even though it's not needed anymore. Osteosarcoma tumors consist of an abnormal mass of bone cells that invades healthy body tissue. They can also spread throughout the body.

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The most common type of osteosarcoma affects the femur and tibia, the bones of the leg. These bones meet at the knee and form the knee joint. Among these bones, 50% of osteosarcomas develop near the knee. Some may develop at the top or bottom of the tibia. In addition to the bones, the joints of the thighbone and the femur are often affected.

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When these types of tumors develop, they may spread to other parts of the body, posing a greater risk of death. Generally, osteosarcomas are high-grade, intermediate-grade, or low-grade. The grade of osteosarcoma corresponds to the cancer's appearance under a microscope, and its ability to spread. High-grade osteosarcomas most often affect young adults and pre-teens.

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Besides the pain, osteosarcoma may cause swelling in the area. Symptoms are often worse at night. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your health care team. They may recommend surgery to help relieve your pain. This treatment can also be a life saver in cases of severe infection. But make sure you don't ignore the symptoms. The sooner you see your doctor, the sooner you can begin treatment.



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