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Ovarian Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Ovarian Cancer

Some women may experience pelvic pain similar to menstrual cramps. This pain is often harmless, and many women mistake it for other conditions, such as constipation or bloating. Other ovarian cancer symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, and decreased appetite. The bladder wall may become compressed, increasing the urge to urinate. These symptoms may also occur with other conditions, such as a paraneoplastic syndrome.

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These symptoms are also common for women who are pregnant. Some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer include an unusual loss of appetite, bloating, belching, and pain in the lower abdomen. In addition, women may experience changes in bowel habits, such as frequent urination and irregular bowel movements. Additionally, symptoms can include a change in vaginal discharge, abdominal pain, and weight loss.

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Early ovarian cancer symptoms are not usually noticeable at all. Sometimes, they are so subtle that they are misdiagnosed as something else. In any case, women should not ignore these symptoms unless they become severe or last for more than a few days. It is important to consult with a doctor to determine whether they are related to ovarian cancer. This way, they can receive the appropriate treatment and be cured.

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There are more than 30 types of ovarian cancer, depending on the type of cell that originates. The most common and invasive type of tumor is an epithelial tumor, but there are also tumors made of germ cells that are often harmless. However, 90% of cases are curable. For example, blood tests will check CA-125, and imaging tests, such as an MRI scan, may be ordered. For more invasive forms of ovarian cancer, a doctor may perform a laparoscopy, in which a thin tube with a camera is inserted into the abdomen to examine the ovaries and remove any malignant tissue.

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Ovarian cancer symptoms can be extremely difficult to detect, so if you are experiencing any of these conditions, it is important to visit your doctor to have a comprehensive physical exam. The doctor will examine your pelvic area, ovaries, and uterus. If the symptoms continue or worsen, it is important to schedule a doctor's appointment for a further checkup. However, you must remember that many early symptoms of ovarian cancer can be caused by noncancerous conditions.

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Most ovarian cancers start in the epithelium tissue, the lining that lines the outside of the ovary. These tissues contain egg-producing cells, and these cells undergo "programmed cell death" when they reach an unhealthy stage. Ovarian cancer may also invade nearby tissues or break away from the initial tumor. Most forms of ovarian cancer are epithelial, which includes mucinous and serous cancers.

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The symptoms of ovarian cancer are similar to those of other conditions, making it difficult for a doctor to recognize it in the early stages. However, these symptoms may be indicative of a more serious disease, such as ovarian cancer. Women with a history of this disease should talk to their doctor as early detection can lead to more successful treatment. So, what are the early signs of ovarian cancer? The signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer vary among women, so it is important to report any unusual changes immediately.

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Stage 4A has deposits of cancer cells on the abdomen that are at least 3/4 inch in size and outside the lungs. Stage 4B has cancerous cells that have spread outside the ovary to distant organs, such as the brain. Surgery to remove the tumor and the ovaries can be performed. Doctors may also remove pelvic tissues and fallopian tubes in order to preserve fertility. If these cancer cells are present, chemotherapy will be given after the surgery.

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Blood tests measure the CA-125 protein in the blood. Elevated levels of this protein are often indicative of ovarian cancer, although these levels can be elevated in a variety of conditions other than cancer. Some elevated levels are due to benign conditions such as endometriosis or simple ovarian cysts. Moreover, elevated CA-125 levels may be caused by conditions other than cancer, including uterine fibroids or gastritis.

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Although ovarian cancer can occur at any age, the disease typically affects women aged 50 and older. A small percentage of ovarian cancers are caused by mutations in genes. Certain genetic conditions are associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer, such as Lynch syndrome and Eastern European heritage. Although no known risk factor for ovarian cancer, the presence of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations increases a woman's risk of developing the disease.



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