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Pheochromocytoma Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Pheochromocytoma

If you have any of the following Pheochromocytoma symptom list, your doctor may suspect you of the disease. He or she will first test you for too much catecholamines, which are short-lived neurotransmitters that cause many physiological reactions. Catecholamines are broken down into their simpler counterparts, metanephrines, which last for a long time. These can be measured through blood tests, 24-hour urine collections, or plasma. If they are twice the upper limit of normal, the diagnosis is almost certain.

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Other symptoms of pheochromocytomas include episodic, spell-like, and high blood pressure. High blood pressure is common, as are high levels of sweating and palpitations. Pheochromocytomas usually cause high blood pressure, which can be very dangerous. Some people may also experience anxiety. Blood or urine tests can be performed to confirm or rule out the diagnosis of pheochromocytoma in cases of hereditary syndrome.

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Although there are no definitive cures for pheochromocytoma, surgery is the main form of treatment. Surgical removal of the tumor can return the blood pressure to normal, but side effects may remain for years. Your doctor should consult with a multidisciplinary team experienced in this condition, as well as a pheochromocytoma genetic counselor. Because 30%-40% of pheochromocytomas are hereditary, it is a good idea to discuss genetic testing and find out whether you're at risk for it.

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Depending on the stage of your disease, your doctor may perform a variety of tests to diagnose your pheochromocytoma. If you're suffering from any of these symptoms, your doctor will recommend a course of treatment. Genetic counseling may also help you to determine your risk for other cancers or syndromes. In addition to genetic counseling, your doctor may recommend screening for a family history of pheochromocytoma.

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The primary symptoms of pheochromocytoma include high blood pressure, sweating, anxiety, and palpitations. High levels of catecholamines may lead to serious complications, including heart failure and severe cardiovascular damage. In addition to being uncomfortable, pheochromocytoma can also cause a variety of other conditions, including cancer. This condition is a serious concern and should be diagnosed immediately.

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Treatment for pheochromocytoma may be difficult, but it's possible to reduce the symptoms significantly. Chemotherapy rarely cures pheochromocytomas, but new medications have been designed to slow tumor growth and help people live with the disease. Radioisotopes are sometimes used to target tumor tissues. Drugs such as beta-blockers and phenoxybenzamine block the actions of these substances.

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Other symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, fever, and chills. Pheochromocytoma can also spread to other organs. Metastatic pheochromocytoma is rare but can spread to the lungs, bones, or lymph nodes. Most cases of pheochromocytomas are incidental. However, if one of them spreads, it should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

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Anyone who has one of the classic triad of symptoms may be a candidate for pheochromocytoma, especially those with high blood pressure. Genetic testing for pheochromocytoma may confirm the diagnosis. A CT scan, which uses computer technology to take 3-D images of the inside of the chest, is another diagnostic tool. Symptoms associated with pheochromocytoma can also be caused by overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system, which governs the flight or fight response.

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Although pheochromocytoma is rare and usually not cancerous, the tumor can still cause some serious complications. It may result in organ failure and heart attacks. It is best to seek treatment as soon as possible, but if the symptoms come back, contact your GP. Cancer Research UK provides more information about the disease. This site has more information on Pheochromocytoma Symptoms

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Imaging tests may also be helpful in confirming the diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma symptomatology. The most common initial imaging tests for pheochromocytoma are CT and MRI of the abdomen. These tests will typically detect pheochromocytoma, but some exceptions include genetic mutations, the presence of multiple tumors, and the presence of metastatic spread.

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A biopsy may reveal the presence of a tumor in the adrenal gland. An adrenal biopsy is required to determine the extent of the cancer. Typically, it takes six to eight weeks for pheochromocytoma to develop. In addition to the tumor itself, the symptoms will also include the development of a mass in the adrenal gland. The symptoms of pheochromocytoma will progress as the tumor grows.

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Although pheochromocytomas are not very common, they are often associated with certain genetic and familial syndromes. The most common one is MEN or multiple endocrine neoplasia, which is composed of two distinct types: MEN 2A and MEN 2B. Both of these syndromes run in families. These mutations can increase the risk of developing the disease.



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