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Pituitary Tumor Symptoms and Treatment - Oren Zarif - Pituitary Tumor

Treatment for a pituitary tumor focuses on relieving symptoms. This is sometimes called palliative care or supportive care, and it may start right away or continue throughout treatment. Patients with pituitary cancer should discuss any symptoms they have with their healthcare team as early diagnosis is important. Next, learn about the tests your doctor may perform. Your doctor can recommend the best treatment for your symptoms. Here are some tips for living well with pituitary cancer.

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Symptoms of pituitary tumors may vary based on the size and location of the tumor. Some may be caused by too much or too little hormone, while others may be due to an underactive pituitary gland. If you are experiencing symptoms that are not consistent, your doctor may be able to diagnose a pituitary tumor by a simple checkup. Blood tests, urine tests, and other diagnostic procedures may be helpful. A CT scan or MRI will use radio waves to produce images of the affected area.

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The pituitary gland is a small reddish gray gland in the center of the brain. It regulates the production of hormones and functions in a wide variety of body systems. Symptoms of a pituitary tumor fall into one of two categories: functional and non-functional. These symptoms usually indicate an abnormality in the pituitary gland. The chances of recovery depend on the type of pituitary tumor, the age of the patient, and the general health of the patient.

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When surgery is the only option, a pituitary tumor can be removed. Patients with acromegaly or Cushing's disease often undergo surgery. Surgical approaches may involve opening up the skull and removing the tumor. Depending on the type of pituitary tumor, most procedures are performed through a small incision on the nasal wall. A surgeon can view the tumor using a microscope or endoscope while performing this procedure.

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In addition to assessing symptoms, doctors may conduct tests to diagnose the type of pituitary tumor. Blood tests may measure the level of various hormones in the body. Other blood tests may be done to see if the tumor has affected the person's vision. A doctor may also order an MRI to find out if it is affecting the optic nerves. This test may be repeated to determine if the tumor has progressed.

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Some patients may experience loss of peripheral vision or even blindness from a pituitary tumor. This may go undetected for years, but large tumors can press on the eye nerves and cause almost any visual symptom. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should visit your doctor right away. The symptoms of a pituitary tumor can be similar to other conditions, which is why it's important to consult your doctor immediately to ensure the proper diagnosis.

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A Pituitary tumor can also affect the production of certain hormones, which can cause various symptoms. Some of these symptoms include weight gain, muscle weakness, fatigue, acne, and decreased sex drive in women. Men may experience sexual dysfunction if the tumor has affected the production of testosterone. Other symptoms include breast milk and infertility. You should also consult with a physician if any of these symptoms persist or become worse.

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The results of this surgery depend on the skill of the neurosurgeon. During an appointment, ask the surgeon how many operations he has performed for pituitary tumors. Ask how many of these surgeries he has performed and what his success rate was. The surgeon who has performed a large number of pituitary tumors is likely to produce better results.

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Prolactinomas can affect fertility, so it is important to discuss your options with a doctor.

Microadenomas (tumors that don't produce hormones) are generally less large than 10 millimeters. However, these adenomas may still be asymptomatic if they don't make hormones. However, some of them can cause symptoms because of the increased hormone levels and pressure they exert on nearby structures. If the tumor is large, it may also compress nearby nerves and cause abnormal changes in the body.

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Non-functioning pituitary adenomas are usually benign. Some are actually infections or inflammations. While an MRI scan may show a tumor, inflammation and infections can also cause pituitary adenomas to appear similar to a tumor. A pituitary tumor should be investigated immediately by a medical professional, since the symptoms of a tumor may be non-cancerous and may be symptomless.



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