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Pituitary Tumor Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Pituitary Tumor

What are Pituitary Tumor Symptoms? Your symptoms will vary depending on the type of tumor and the area of the pituitary gland that is affected. A pituitary tumor can cause too much or too little of a specific hormone, resulting in the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Some of these symptoms may look like other health problems. Several tests are available to rule out any underlying conditions. Your doctor may recommend tests such as blood tests and urine tests to determine if the level of hormones is elevated or too low. Other tests, such as MRI and CT scans, use radio waves and large magnets to scan your pituitary gland.

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While pituitary tumors are rare, some people have a genetic disorder that increases their risk of developing one. These syndromes also have symptoms of other syndrome components. Symptoms of pituitary tumors vary from one individual to another, so it is important to talk with your doctor about your specific symptoms. You can also learn about treatment options and recovery options. Understand your symptoms, both for diagnosis and treatment.

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Treatment options for pituitary tumors vary, but typically include surgery to remove the tumor. This procedure can be invasive and requires an overnight stay in the hospital. Risks associated with surgery include infection, bleeding, and spinal fluid leakage. Thankfully, most patients recover well and can resume normal activities within two to three weeks. Remember, though, that these treatments are only a temporary measure, and should be followed strictly by your doctor.

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If your symptoms are due to a pituitary tumor, your doctor may order a blood test to measure hormone levels. Your doctor may also order an MRI scan to determine the location and size of the tumor. Imaging tests can also help determine if the tumor is pressing on the optic nerves. An endocrinologist may perform other tests to measure the hormone levels in the body. If these tests show that the tumor is pressing on the optic nerves, treatment may be needed.

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Genetics can also increase your risk of developing a pituitary tumor. A family history of the disorder is a strong risk factor, but researchers are unsure of what causes the condition. Hereditary conditions, genetic mutations, and hormonal abnormalities are other possible causes. In any case, the symptoms of pituitary tumors can vary depending on the size and release of hormones. While pituitary tumors can lead to permanent deficiency or alteration of the body's hormone supply, the signs are often obvious.

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Surgical treatment for a pituitary tumor depends on the size of the tumor and its effect on the body. Drug therapy can control the overproduction of certain hormones or replace those that are not produced sufficiently. Drug therapy is also an option if the tumor is affecting the optic nerve. If a drug treatment does not work, a pituitary tumor may be surgically removed. If the tumor is pressing on the optic nerve, surgeons may cut through the skull to reach it.

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The type of pituitary tumor that you have is likely causing your symptoms. Some types of pituitary adenomas do not show symptoms and are usually benign. Others have cancerous characteristics and may cause serious symptoms. If you think you have pituitary adenomas, it is wise to schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as you discover any symptoms. But there are also many benign tumors that do not have symptoms. Fortunately, they are relatively rare and rarely cause symptoms.

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The pituitary gland is located near the optic nerve and is responsible for producing hormones that regulate various parts of the body. Pituitary tumor symptoms depend on the size of the tumor and the level of hormones it releases. MRI and CT scans can detect pituitary tumors and can also be accompanied by blood tests and urine analysis to check hormone levels. Fortunately, pituitary tumors are curable, and many people experience no symptoms.

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Although pituitary glands are small and relatively harmless, they are important to the body. It regulates many hormones and controls the functions of other glands. There are three types of pituitary glands, the most common being the anterior and the posterior. The anterior pituitary is the smaller of the two, making it a highly visible lump. But both types are highly functional. A tumor in the pituitary gland can affect the way different organs and systems work.



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