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Pituitary Tumor Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Pituitary Tumor

The symptoms of a pituitary tumor will vary according to the type of tumor. Some common symptoms include irregular or missed menstrual periods, low sex drive, or facial hair growth. In women, symptoms may include difficulty conceiving, loss of breast tissue, or irregular menstrual cycles. For men, symptoms may include decreased sex drive or low bone mineral density. Some people may experience a combination of these symptoms.

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The signs and symptoms of a pituitary tumor will depend on the type of tumor and the area it has affected. In some cases, the symptoms can mimic those of other conditions. Your doctor can perform tests to identify if there is a problem with the hormone levels in your blood or urine. If you suspect a tumor, you'll likely need an MRI or CT scan, both of which use radio waves and large magnets to view the area of your brain.

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Although pituitary tumors can vary in size, makeup, and symptoms, most are benign. Treatment for this type of cancer varies based on the type of cancer and how well a patient responds to treatment. To determine the best treatment for you, consult with a physician who specializes in pituitary cancer. The next section of this article will discuss how doctors diagnose and treat pituitary tumor symptoms.

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Symptoms of a pituitary tumor can range from nothing at all to extremes. For the most part, the pituitary gland produces too much or too little of any hormone, so a pituitary tumor will secrete too much. Sometimes, this can be harmful to the person's health. However, there are ways to identify a tumor before symptoms become serious. You can also seek treatment if the symptoms persist.

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During the initial stage of the diagnosis, doctors will perform blood tests to detect the hormone levels in the blood and urine. A pituitary tumor may also be detected by MRI or CT scan. Once diagnosed, the doctor will then plan treatment for you based on the results of the scan. A specialist may also perform visual acuity tests and a field test to determine if a tumor is pressing on the optic nerves.

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Although most pituitary tumors are benign, there are some genetic disorders that may increase your risk of developing the disease. For some people, it may be related to other components of a syndrome, such as multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1. Genetic testing for multiple endocrine system tumors is available. If the tumor is benign, it will likely grow slowly and not spread to other parts of the body. Malignant pituitary tumors can spread throughout the body, and may even affect the brain or skull bones.

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If a tumor grows to a size that encroaches on the brain, surgery may be necessary. The surgery is usually successful and requires a few days of hospitalization. Afterward, the patient will likely return home after an overnight stay in the hospital. However, if drug therapy does not work, the surgeon may perform a transcranial removal to remove the tumor. The surgery may also involve cutting the skull.

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The most common pituitary tumors are pituitary adenomas, which make up nearly 90% of all pituitary tumors. They can spread to the bones in the skull and the sinus cavity below the pituitary gland. Rarely, pituitary cancers can cause symptoms of fatigue, decreased sexual function, and vision problems. There are other symptoms of a pituitary tumor, including pain and decreased energy.

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The pituitary gland is an organ that is shaped like a pea. It is located at the bottom center of the brain, above the back of the nose. It produces hormones that control vital functions of the body. Often, a pituitary tumor is called a "master endocrine gland" because it controls the production of hormones in many other glands. If you suspect that you have a tumor, it is important to seek a diagnosis.

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Various symptoms of pituitary tumor include leaking cerebrospinal fluid into the nose. A pituitary tumor may affect many different glands, such as the eyes and lungs. When the gland is inflamed, it can produce too many hormones. This can cause symptoms in many other organs, such as the brain, eye, and even vision. It can cause vision loss and other problems.

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One of the most common methods of treating a pituitary tumor involves transsphenoidal surgery, where a doctor inserts an instrument into a small hole in the skull, usually under the upper lip. A curette is then inserted to remove the tumor tissue. In addition, a craniotomy is another option for removing a tumor. The surgeon will open the skull to remove the tumor.



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