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Prostate Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Prostate Cancer

Despite its name, prostate cancer isn't the only cause for enlarged prostate symptoms. Other causes include benign prostatic hyperplasia and other conditions affecting the prostate gland. In fact, some men never even have these symptoms. So, if you're not experiencing any of these symptoms, don't ignore them. You should consult a doctor right away if you suspect that you may have prostate cancer. Here are a few symptoms you may experience:

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Pain: Depending on the stage, prostate cancer may begin as a gradual change. The cancerous cells can be either high or low grade, and they can be slow to grow. It's rare to develop prostate cancer before age 50, and it's far less common among men under the age of 45. Black men are at a higher risk than white men. However, people of Asian or Hispanic descent are at less of a risk than white men. If you have a family history of prostate cancer, you are also at a higher risk.

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When a biopsy shows a positive result, it is a strong indication that you may have prostate cancer. A pathologist will analyze the tissue sample to see if it contains cancer cells and will assign a Gleason score. The lower the Gleason score, the less aggressive the tumor is. Treatment options are based on the stage, Gleason score, PSA level, and the patient's age. Your doctor will also order other tests.

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Treatment options for prostate cancer vary greatly. Depending on the stage of the cancer, location, and patient's overall health, a doctor can treat the symptoms and slow the progression of the cancer. Treatment options may include watchful waiting or active surveillance, which means monitoring the disease periodically to make sure the cancer doesn't spread. Surgery is the most common treatment for prostate cancer, and it can remove the entire prostate, along with some of the surrounding tissue.

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MRI scans of the prostate can show the presence of more aggressive cancers. In addition to detecting the presence of cancer cells, an MRI scan also helps the radiologist identify abnormal regions. However, MRI does not completely replace a biopsy, which must be done to determine whether cancer cells are present. If there's a suspicion of cancer, the doctor may suggest further imaging to diagnose the disease and develop a treatment plan.

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Erectile dysfunction is another common side effect of prostate cancer treatments. However, many men who experience prostate cancer experience an erectile dysfunction after surgery. Various ED medications, therapies, and devices are available to improve erectile function. To minimize the chance of prostate cancer, men should consider a healthy diet and lifestyle. Ultimately, these changes may improve their overall health. So, if you're suffering from these symptoms, consult your doctor right away to decide how you can treat them.

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Chronic bacterial prostatitis, also known as chronic pelvic pain syndrome, causes pain in the groin, lower back, and in the tip of the penis. Treatment may involve combination of medicines, surgery, and lifestyle changes. Prostate cancer is common in men over the age of 50, although Asian American men have the lowest rates. Furthermore, men with a family history of prostate cancer are more likely to develop the disease than other men.

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While there are no proven ways to prevent prostate cancer, healthy diets and regular exercise may help reduce the risk of developing the disease. A PSA blood test, a physical exam, and exercise are all important to prevent prostate cancer and its symptoms. Also, a healthy lifestyle includes maintaining your body's weight and overall health. If you are new to exercise, begin slowly and gradually increase your daily activity. In the meantime, your doctor may recommend additional diet recommendations or tests to monitor your disease progression.

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Some men have small prostate cancer and don't need treatment. In these cases, active surveillance is recommended. If your PSA level is low, active surveillance is the better option because you won't face the risks and side effects of prostate cancer treatments. If your PSA level is below one percent, you are likely suffering from low-grade prostate cancer, a type of low-grade cancer that doesn't cause any significant problems. However, if your PSA levels are higher, it's time to get diagnosed.

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The Gleason score reflects the severity of your disease. Patients are placed into Grade Groups based on the amount of aggressive cells in their tissue. Men with a Gleason grade of six are placed in Grade Group One, and those with a Gleason grade of nine are considered Stage II. In addition, if you're overweight, your cancer is likely to return or reoccur after treatment.



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