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Renal Cell Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Renal Cell Cancer

If you suspect that you may have kidney cancer, you should know the symptoms of renal cell carcinoma. Your doctor can help you find the most appropriate treatment. Chemotherapy is a treatment that uses strong drugs to kill cancer cells. Although this treatment does not cure the disease, it can shrink the tumor and provide temporary remission. Chemotherapy drugs are given singly or in combinations. The side effects of chemotherapy are nausea, vomiting, weight loss, hair loss, and fatigue. Some drugs also suppress the production of new blood cells, which causes anemia, fatigue, and easy bruising.

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While most cases of renal cell cancer are not immediately symptomatic, some people may experience symptoms for many years. For instance, in the early stages of the disease, patients might experience only hematuria or blood in the urine. However, if the cancer has spread to the other organs, surgery may be an option. The extent of the cancer in these organs determines the extent of the treatment. The cancer is more common in Native Americans, African Americans, and American Indians.

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Symptoms of renal cell cancer may be a combination of other symptoms. People with vague or nonexistent symptoms should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Symptoms should not be ignored, however. The earlier it is diagnosed, the better the chances of recovery. Therefore, you should talk to other patients and physicians who have gone through similar experiences. You may find a support group through the medical center you were treated in. The American Cancer Society has information on support groups throughout the United States. Symptoms and treatments vary from one patient to another, but it is essential to get medical help for any symptoms you experience.

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In addition to symptoms, doctors will recommend blood tests to rule out other diseases. Blood tests may include tests of blood cell counts, chemistry, and liver and kidney functions. Depending on where your tumor is located, it may spread to nearby lymph nodes or distant organs. For instance, cancer that spreads from the kidney could spread to distant organs. In some rare cases, the cancer can spread to distant organs, including the adrenal gland and the fatty tissue surrounding the kidney.

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If your doctor suspects kidney cancer, you should undergo a kidney biopsy as early as possible. Early detection is crucial, as treatment is more effective when the tumor is small and confined to the kidney. However, doctors do not know what causes kidney cancer. Environmental and genetic factors may play a role. As long as you are aware of the symptoms, you will get the best possible treatment. So, what are the symptoms of renal cell cancer?

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Most people are diagnosed with renal cell cancer through another exam. A CT scan or ultrasound may reveal the tumor. While the symptoms of renal cell cancer can be very similar to those of other diseases, one of the most common signs is blood in the urine, or hematuria. This blood may be visible or microscopic. Blood in urine can be detectable by a laboratory test. If you notice these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

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Those who suffer from renal cell cancer are at a higher risk for developing metastatic cancer, which is where the cancer has spread from the kidney to other organs. When it has spread to the bones, the chances of it spreading to other organs are 25-30 percent higher. The clinical signs of renal cell cancer range from mild to severe. If diagnosed early, you can manage the discomfort of the disease and get treatment. The main cause of renal cell cancer is cigarette smoking, which accounts for one-third of all cases.

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Treatment options for renal cell cancer depend on the stage of the disease, its location, and its progression. If caught early, it offers the best chance of cure. Unfortunately, some patients develop metastatic disease after a nephrectomy. In these cases, the chance of cure is very low. Even with treatment, however, the pain and other symptoms can be alleviated. This disease may be curable, but the outlook is not as positive.

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Surgery is the most common treatment for kidney cancer. Your surgeon may remove the tumor and tissues surrounding it. He may also remove lymph nodes and other parts of your body. If the tumor is large, your surgeon may opt for a laparoscopic surgery, which involves making a few small incisions. If surgery is not an option for you, embolization may be a better option. This method blocks the blood flow to the kidney and makes it shrink.



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