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Retinoblastoma Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Retinoblastoma

Retinoblastoma is a form of cancer of the retina. While it can strike adults at any age, it most commonly strikes children under 5 years old. About one in every 18,000 births is affected by this disease. Each year, about 250 to 500 cases are diagnosed in the United States. Retinoblastoma can occur in just one eye, or in both. Sometimes it can spread to other parts of the body, such as the pineal gland at the base of the brain.

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Another symptom of retinoblastoma is strabismus, or misalignment of the eye. The most common type of strabismus is esotropia, while strabismus occurs when the tumor is located near the part of the eye that is visually sensitive. In later stages, a patient may experience loss of vision in the affected eye.

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A physical examination will determine if your child has any signs of retinoblastoma. The doctor will check general signs of health and perform a physical exam. A family history of the disease should also be discussed. An MRI of the head will confirm the diagnosis and determine whether the tumors have spread to the brain. Lastly, a lumbar puncture is performed to visualize the retina with a microscope.

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Surgery, laser therapy, and chemotherapy are all possible treatments for retinoblastoma. Depending on the extent of the tumor, the treatment may involve surgery, radiation therapy, or a combination of these therapies. The treatment for retinoblastoma is highly variable, and may vary by location. In some cases, chemotherapy drugs are given directly into the cerebrospinal fluid or spinal cord.

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If retinoblastoma has spread to other areas of the eye, it is called extraocular retinoblastoma. It may also spread to the central nervous system or the eye's tissues. If retinoblastoma has spread, treatment will depend on the extent of the disease. In some cases, it is resistant to treatment and is not curable.

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Eye cancer can spread to distant sites, which can make treatment difficult. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary. In this case, chemotherapy can be combined with local therapies, which are effective in controlling the tumor and saving sight. However, chemotherapy can lead to the development of another type of cancer and can damage the kidneys and hearing. In later stages, clinical trials are possible. But it is important to understand that surgery is only a temporary solution for retinoblastoma.

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Children with retinoblastoma should undergo eye exams as they develop. Regular eye exams will help the eye doctor detect early signs of this disease. The disease typically begins before the child reaches the age of five, though hereditary cases may develop sooner. Imaging tests can detect early signs and even the progression of the disease. So, if you suspect your child has retinoblastoma, be sure to take them to the doctor immediately.

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Treatments for retinoblastoma are usually accompanied by side effects. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy may leave a child feeling weak and tired. There are also chances of skin changes. Your child will receive pain relievers during the course of treatment. However, the recovery time varies from child to child. A child's quality of life is important. If treatment fails, they will need to undergo additional tests to determine if they have a better quality of life.

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The most common form of retinoblastoma is hereditary, and inherited RB1 gene mutations are the most common cause of the disease. A genetic change occurs in both copies of the RB1 gene. However, in the non-hereditary form of retinoblastoma, the cancer generally occurs in one eye. In hereditary cases, the condition can lead to other cancers, including osteosarcoma and aggressive skin cancers.

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Retinoblastoma is a rare eye cancer. It usually develops in childhood and runs in families. It is more common in children under two but can affect older children. Symptoms of retinoblastoma include vomiting, appetite loss, and headache. General anesthesia is recommended for a diagnosis. The diagnosis is made after examining the retina. When the disease is detected, treatment can begin.

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Retinoblastoma has a good prognosis in most children. Treatment options depend on the stage of the disease, the location of the tumor, and the child's age. Treatment options include laser therapy, which destroys the blood supply to the tumor, and surgery, in which the eye is removed and replaced with an artificial one. While the disease is often cured after treatment, it can progress undetected and be difficult to detect in later childhood.



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