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Retinoblastoma Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Retinoblastoma

One of the symptoms of retinoblastoma is a "white pupil," which looks like a cat's eye when light shines in it. Other symptoms include eye pain, a cloudy appearance, and a larger eyeball than normal. If any of these symptoms are present, your doctor will conduct tests to determine the cause of the problem. While the disease is rare, it should be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible.

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Your child's doctor will conduct a thorough physical examination to determine the cause of the eye problem. He or she will likely perform further tests to determine whether the cancer has spread to the other parts of the body. Some tests will be performed once the child begins therapy for the disease. In some cases, treatment will include a bone marrow aspiration to determine if the cancer has spread to the bone marrow.

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Genetic mutations are another common cause of retinal cancer. The tumors in the retina continue to multiply and grow, eventually accumulating into a tumor. They can invade nearby structures, including the brain and spinal cord, and spread to other parts of the body. Symptoms of retinoblastoma may include a white circle in the center of the pupil when light shines in the eye. Eye movement and other vision problems may also be signs of the disease.

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Depending on the stage of the disease, retinoblastoma may spread to distant sites, including the spine and bone marrow. Patients may undergo chemotherapy, radiation, or focal therapies to treat the disease. After treatment, regular eye examinations will be important to monitor for recurrence and spread. If the cancer spreads outside of the eye, a clinical trial may be the next step.

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The most common Retinoblastoma symptom is a white pupil. Light that reflects against the white surface of the tumor will appear as a white spot. Eventually, the tumor will spread to the other eye. It can even spread to distant parts of the head and brain. If it is not diagnosed early, it could be too late to diagnose the disease. But if detected early, retinoblastoma treatment can save a child's vision.

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If you have inherited this cancer, your doctor will need to conduct regular MRI scans of the eye and brain. You should have these scans every six months until your child reaches five years of age. However, there is no consensus on surveillance for older children. But in the meantime, your child should be aware of any unusual aches or pains, as they could be symptoms of an underlying malignancy.

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Treatment for Retinoblastoma is highly variable, and can depend on the size and location of the tumor. Surgery can destroy the blood supply to the tumor, or it can heat the affected eye to make chemotherapeutic drugs more effective. It is important to consult your doctor about your child's symptoms before any treatments. Despite the various options, the prognosis for most patients is good.

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If retinoblastoma is detected early, chemotherapy can be used to treat the condition. The goal of chemotherapy is to stop the growth of cancer cells. This chemotherapy is often performed at the local children's cancer center under the direction of a specialist team. Most retinoblastoma cases are detected early, and successful treatment is possible before the tumor spreads outside the eye. However, if cancer spreads beyond the eye, treatment becomes more difficult.

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One of the most common symptoms of retinoblastoma is cloudy pupil. It may be hereditary, although it is rare in young children. Generally, retinoblastoma will develop in one eye or both. A cloudy pupil is a sign of retinoblastoma, but the disease can also develop in both eyes. A doctor may detect the disease using flash photography. The eye may also show inflammation or redness.

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Treatment of retinoblastoma is based on the tumor size, location, and size and the cancer's spread. Treatment may include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or laser therapy. Treatment may also involve a combination of treatment options. For patients with tumors that have spread outside of the eye, surgery may be the only option. But treatment should be initiated as soon as possible to avoid any further vision loss.

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Retinoblastoma is a rare type of eye cancer. It usually affects young children below the age of five, and if diagnosed early, 9 out of 10 children are cured. In some cases, a tumor may not show any symptoms until the cancer has spread. But if diagnosed early enough, retinoblastoma can be successfully treated and cured.



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