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Soft Tissue Sarcoma Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Soft Tissue Sarcoma

What Are the Symptoms of Soft Tissue Sarcoma? These symptoms may indicate a different condition or be signs of an underlying health problem. In some cases, these symptoms may be related to an inherited condition, such as von Recklinghausen disease or Li-Fraumeni syndrome. If you suspect you may have one of these conditions, genetic counseling is recommended. Genetic testing can also be a useful tool in determining your risk of developing the disease.

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A small number of people have soft tissue sarcomas. They arise from the tissues that connect muscle to bone. They usually appear as slow-growing lumps in arms or legs. Symptoms can vary, however, so it is important to seek medical care if you notice a new lump or feel any pain in an area that you're not familiar with. If a lump is larger than a golf ball, you should see your doctor immediately.

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Symptoms of soft tissue sarcoma depend on the location and size of the cancer. Many people don't experience any symptoms until the cancer has spread to other tissues. Symptoms may not be visible until a tumor has grown large enough to press on an organ, nerve, or muscle. A physician will ask about your family history to determine if you're at risk. In addition, they will perform a physical exam to determine the location of your tumor.

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Patients who suspect a lump may have a biopsy of the mass. Biopsies take a sample of the lump and study it under a microscope. Though getting diagnosed can be difficult, speaking to a physician and being tested are essential steps to take. You don't have to do them alone; a healthcare provider with knowledge of sarcomas can help you through the process. The most common treatment for soft tissue sarcoma is surgery. Surgeons remove the mass and any healthy tissue surrounding it.

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Soft Tissue Sarcomas are very rare types of cancer. They typically grow in soft tissues, such as muscle, fat, cartilage, and bone. While they can develop in any part of the body, they are most often found in the abdomen, thigh, leg, or shoulder. Some of them have known causes, and limb-sparing surgery and clinical trials may be a good option.

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Early diagnosis is essential to determining whether the cancer is curable or not. The disease can recur if not detected early, which is why it is important to go through periodic check-ups. Once it has spread, treatment options may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and brachytherapy. The best time to treat soft tissue sarcoma is early. If you feel a mass, consult a doctor right away.

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Although there are no symptoms of soft tissue sarcomas during its early stages, they may develop at a later stage of the disease. A lump may develop under the skin or on an arm or leg, or the cancer may grow inside the stomach and press on other structures. If the tumor is large enough to press on the stomach, it may also obstruct the digestive tract, making it difficult for food to pass through. A person may also experience blood in the stool or black tarry stools.

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Other symptoms of sarcoma include pain in the abdomen, increased uterine size and bleeding. Patients may also experience chest pain, breathing problems, and abnormal bleeding. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, talk to a doctor. He or she will examine you and determine the exact nature of your symptoms. You may be experiencing some of these symptoms because of another medical condition. Early diagnosis is crucial for your treatment.

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The signs and symptoms of soft tissue sarcoma can be difficult to recognize. These symptoms are an indication that your cancer may have spread to other parts of your body. While the tumor is rare, you may experience some or all of these symptoms. In addition to the pain and other symptoms of soft tissue sarcoma, your doctor will recommend chemotherapy or surgery if necessary. This treatment will include chemotherapy and radiation.



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