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Symptoms of Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma - Oren Zarif - Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma

There are several symptoms of Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoms that you should watch for. You should consult a pediatric oncologist if you notice any of these symptoms. Your doctor can help you determine the stage of the disease, perform imaging tests and more. Your child may also visit other healthcare providers, including a physical therapist. The main goal of treatment is to control the tumor and ensure your child's survival.

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Treatment for the tumour can include surgery to remove it or some tissue surrounding it. Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to target the cancer cells and slow its growth. Chemotherapy is also an option. Radiation therapy may be combined with surgery. It is more effective than surgery, but may leave side effects. The side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy depend on the type of treatment and the body part affected. The good news is that the symptoms generally fade away with time.

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Treatment for Childhood Rhabdomyosarcomsarcoma starts with a thorough medical workup. In some cases, a biopsy may be performed. The doctor will take a small piece of the tumor to analyze its contents. Other tests may also be performed. CT scans can help determine whether the tumor has spread to other parts of the body. MRI scans can also show whether the cancer has spread.

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A lump or swelling that keeps getting bigger is a symptom of childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma. A biopsy will confirm the diagnosis, which will determine treatment options. If you suspect that you have Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma, contact a pediatric oncologist immediately. You should know the symptoms of Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma if they are reoccurring or persist.

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Treatment for Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoman cancer depends on the stage of the cancer and the extent of its spread. Surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy is usually necessary to treat the disease. Treatment is based on the extent of the tumour, size, location and risk factors. Some treatment options may not work, and the condition will continue to grow after treatment. Therefore, treatment must be determined early.

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While the exact symptoms of Childhood Rhabdomyosarcomal cancer are often vague, the first signs of the disease may be similar to those of other conditions. Physical exams and urine tests can help diagnose the condition. If there is a visible lump, it is most likely benign. If the tumor is large, however, the patient may experience pain. A diagnosis of Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma should be made as soon as possible.

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There are many treatment options for this disease. Depending on where the tumor is located, some children may require surgery to remove it. Some of these options will be combined. If surgery is the only option available, CHOP surgeons will perform limb-saving and organ-sparing procedures. If the tumor is large, the patient may undergo chemotherapy prior to surgery to shrink the tumor. The surgeon will use the latest surgical techniques to remove the cancer.

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As a result of the aggressive nature of rhabdomyosarcoma treatments, the likelihood of serious side effects is high. However, these side effects are often temporary and do not impede treatment. Your health care team will be able to provide you with a list of side effects that you should watch for. These are not all-inclusive, so it is important to speak with your physician if you notice any of these symptoms.

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Treatment options for childhood rhabdomyosarcoma vary from treatment to treatment. Some children are a candidate for clinical trials because they have certain risk factors. Genetic conditions and large birth weight are both risk factors for developing this cancer. Some rare gene mutations are linked to this disease, but it is still unknown what causes the disease. Your doctor may want to start your child on standard treatment and follow up tests to see if treatment is working.

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The main symptoms of childhood rhabdomyosarcoma include swelling, muscle pain, difficulty breathing, and a stiff neck. If you have a rhabdomyosarcoma, you may notice any of these symptoms. You may need to seek medical attention as soon as possible to detect the cancer before it progresses. This is the most common type of childhood sarcoma. If you suspect that your child may be affected, call a pediatric oncologist to discuss the risks.

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Radiation therapy is another treatment option for childhood rhabdomyosarcoma. Radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Protons are used for radiation delivery in rhabdomyosarcoma because they can target the tumor and spare normal tissue. The benefits of this treatment include fewer side effects and a decrease in the risk of developing other cancers.



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