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Thyroid Cancer Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer symptoms can be confusing. You might think that thyroid cancer is something that only happens to older people. However, in fact, it affects younger people. There are several symptoms to look out for if you suspect you may have the disease. The most important is to have your thyroid checked for any abnormalities. Your doctor can check the levels of thyroid hormones in your blood and make recommendations on how to deal with them.

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Early symptoms of thyroid cancer include a lump or nodule in your neck. You may also experience throat pain that extends to your ear, difficulty swallowing, and hoarseness. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor to be sure you don't have thyroid cancer. Once you have been diagnosed, you'll have the option to undergo further tests to make sure it's not something more serious.

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Screening for thyroid cancer usually starts with a physical exam. Your doctor may check your neck and lymph nodes to rule out other possible causes. You'll be asked to tell your doctor if you're experiencing any of these symptoms, and you'll be given a thyroid ultrasound. If you do have thyroid cancer, your doctor will probably perform a fine needle biopsy to get a sample of the tissue. This biopsy will be sent to a lab for testing. If you have more than one nodule, an ENT surgeon may remove part or all of the thyroid gland.

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Thyroid cancer usually starts in the cells in the thyroid, which will eventually spread and affect nearby tissues. The symptoms of thyroid cancer depend on the type of thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer can begin with a small, painless lump that can develop in one side of the neck. The most common form of thyroid cancer is papillary thyroid carcinoma, which grows slowly. It usually affects women in their reproductive years. The second most common type is called follicular thyroid carcinoma, which affects people aged forty to 60 years.

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Thyroid cancer is expensive. The treatment can be costly, especially for young adults. As a result, healthcare related bankruptcy is a significant concern for young adults. Not only is the treatment of thyroid cancer expensive, but it can also impact a person's ability to work. If you do develop thyroid cancer, you'll need to continue taking synthetic thyroid hormones for the rest of their lives. These medications usually don't cause any significant side effects, but you'll need to have regular checkups.

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Follicular cancers develop from thyroid follicle cells. They are TSH-sensitive and produce thyroglobulin. Follicular carcinomas tend to be smaller and less aggressive, but they may spread to the bones, lungs, or brain. A follicular carcinoma is the second most common form of thyroid cancer and makes up 10 percent of cases. Women tend to develop follicular cancer three times more often than men. These cancers tend to be older than papillary cancer.

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Thyroid cancer is diagnosed when cells begin changing in the gland. The most common types of thyroid cancer are follicular, papillary, and differentiated. About 90% of cases of thyroid cancer are differentiated. Less common types include anaplastic, poorly differentiated, and medullary. There are also rare types of the disease including non-Hodkin lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma, and atypical thyroid.

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Cough may also be a symptom of thyroid cancer. There are a variety of causes for cough, including post nasal drip, allergies, and reflux of stomach acid. Cough is often dismissed as a symptom of a cold. However, a persistent cough may be a symptom of thyroid cancer. A cough may be due to irritation of nerves in the voice box. If it persists, it is probably related to a condition that has invaded the larynx.

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The second most common symptom of thyroid cancer is difficulty swallowing. The esophagus has special nerve endings called baroreceptors that sense pressure. Since the thyroid gland sits directly on top of the swallowing tube, the abnormal cells may become trapped there, creating a tumor. This tumor can invade nearby tissue and spread throughout the body. As a result, it's important to be aware of these symptoms.

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Thyroid cancer radiation treatments can cause minimal side effects. The treatment involves a pill or liquid that contains radioiodine. The radioactive material shrinks the diseased thyroid gland while stopping cancer cell growth. Radiation also causes redness in the area of treatment. The treatment may also cause fatigue. In severe cases, the patient may experience hoarseness or difficulty swallowing. However, most treatments for thyroid cancer are effective.



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