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Uterine Sarcoma Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Uterine Sarcoma

If you are experiencing unusual vaginal bleeding, you may have uterine sarcoma. Other vaginal discharges are also possible symptoms. Abnormal bleeding is not always a sign of cancer, and it is best to contact your healthcare provider to rule out other problems. Fortunately, uterine sarcoma is very treatable when it is found early. However, some of the symptoms of uterine sarcoma are common for other conditions as well.

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First, you may have abnormal vaginal bleeding unrelated to your period or menopause. You may also notice a mass. Uterine sarcomas typically start in the endometrium and supporting tissue. Most patients have low-grade tumours that do not cause any symptoms when detected. However, abnormal bleeding can occur suddenly. In addition, an abnormal PAP smear may be indicative of the disease.

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Your healthcare provider will likely conduct a physical examination and ask about your medical history. Your healthcare provider will then perform a pelvic examination, including your cervix, ovaries, and Fallopian tubes. The healthcare provider may also insert a gloved finger into your vagina and feel for any unusual sensations. In addition, they will perform a Pap test, which involves taking a sample of cells from your cervix. This sample will then be looked at under a microscope.

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After treatment, you will need to undergo regular follow-up visits with your health care provider. A rectovaginal examination every three to four months for the first two to three years will detect uterine sarcoma. A chest/abdomen/pelvic CT will be done every six to twelve months for another two years. Your healthcare provider will also teach you how to recognize symptoms of recurrence.

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There are several types of uterine sarcoma, and knowing the symptoms of each type can help you make an informed decision about treatment. The most common type of uterine sarcoma is leiomyosarcoma, while the least common form is endometrial sarcoma. Although the two types are closely related, the symptoms of each vary from one another.

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When it spreads beyond the uterus, the cancer may spread to nearby structures, such as the rectum and lymph nodes. It may also invade the lungs, bones, or omentum. In addition to the vagina, uterine sarcoma can affect the adnexa and mucosa, as well as the adnexa, and the tissues surrounding the uterus.

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Surgical staging of uterine sarcomas is essential for determining the extent of the disease. Surgical staging is done by gynecologic oncologists. In 2009, the International Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology (IFGO) published a staging system for uterine sarcomas. The stage at which the disease has spread to the pelvis is called "critical."

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Patients with symptoms of uterine sarcoma should seek immediate medical attention. Surgery is the most common treatment for uterine sarcoma. A doctor may perform surgery to diagnose, stage, and treat uterine sarcoma at the same time. Depending on the stage, patients may need chemotherapy, radiation, or hormone therapy to help combat the disease. If surgery is not possible, a specialist may suggest an alternative treatment.

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Clinical diagnosis of uterine sarcoma can be a difficult task, especially because the symptoms are often vague. It is advisable to have a vaginal examination to rule out other possible gynaecologic tumors. A clinician can assess the size, contour, and mobility of the uterus. If the mass is fixed and does not move, it is most likely a malignant tumour, though it is possible for it to be associated with endometriosis and pelvic infections. However, imaging modalities cannot distinguish leiomyoma and uterine sarcoma.



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