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Uterine Sarcoma Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Uterine Sarcoma

Generally, there are no specific Uterine Sarcoma symptoms. However, women who have an enlarging fibroid around the time of menopause may have symptoms of uterine sarcoma. A diagnosis of this disease may be difficult, especially in the pre-operative stage. The following symptoms can help you detect the disease in time and seek medical attention. Symptoms of Uterine Sarcoma may include pain and swelling in the abdomen, abdominal distension, and a high C-reactive protein.

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Abnormal vaginal bleeding that does not correspond with menstrual periods or menopause, or a mass in the rectum are all potential Uterine sarcoma symptoms. These symptoms can also indicate a broader diagnosis of uterine cancer. Uterine sarcomas are rare and usually start in the endometrium or supporting connective tissues. However, even low-grade sarcomas can be alarming. A PAP smear may show an abnormality in bleeding.

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If you have one or more of these Uterine Sarcoma symptoms, you should visit a medical professional immediately. The healthcare provider will do a physical examination and obtain your medical history. He will also conduct pelvic exams to detect any abnormalities. The healthcare provider may insert a gloved finger into your vagina to feel for abnormalities. You may also be given a Pap test to obtain a sample of cells from the cervix. These cells are then examined under a microscope.

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If your doctor suspects you have Uterine Sarcoma, you should undergo annual pelvic exams. Bleeding in the vagina is a sign of uterine sarcoma. If you have Uterine Sarcoma, your physician will advise you on your risk factors and help you manage it. This cancer can be cured with regular pelvic exams, but it's best to seek medical care if you notice any unusual bleeding or a new symptom.

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The next step after detecting Uterine Sarcoma is determining the stage of the disease. If the cancer has spread, other treatment options may be needed. These treatments can include chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or radiation. In the case of Uterine Sarcoma, treatment options may depend on the stage of the disease and the extent of the cancer's spread. The goals of treatment may be to cure the cancer, control it, or alleviate symptoms. Regardless of which treatment option is recommended, it's important to discuss all potential risks and benefits with your healthcare team.

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While the first and most common Uterine Sarcoma symptom is unusual vaginal bleeding, other symptoms may include a feeling of fullness in the pelvic area and bloating abdominal pain. The doctor will perform a physical exam to rule out other causes of the symptoms. Further imaging tests may be necessary. If the condition has spread, the doctor may perform a hysterectomy and diagnose Uterine Sarcoma through imaging.

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As mentioned, uterine sarcoma is a relatively rare type of cancer. It is different from endometrial cancer, which develops in the lining of the uterus. Women who have undergone pelvic radiation or taken tamoxifen medications are at a higher risk of developing the disease. Uterine Sarcoma is most common in African American women, but it can also occur in younger women.

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Diagnostic testing for uterine sarcomas can be challenging because the primary symptoms are so vague. The most effective way to determine whether a woman has Uterine Sarcoma is by performing a vaginal examination. During this examination, clinicians can assess the size, contour, and mobility of the uterus. If the mass is fixed, it might be a sarcoma or a benign leiomyoma.

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Patients with uterine sarcoma are treated surgically. Surgical staging is performed by gynecologic oncologists. In 2009, the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics released guidelines for treating this type of tumor. These staging systems include the S2k staging system and the German Cancer Society's guidelines. If surgical treatment fails to remove the cancer, adjuvant treatment may be recommended.



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