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Vaginal Cancer Symptoms and Treatment - Oren Zarif - Vaginal Cancer

The symptoms of vaginal cancer may differ from one person to another, depending on its stage. Stage I cancer has not spread to the surrounding tissues. Stage II cancer has not spread beyond the vagina. Stage III cancer has spread to the wall of the pelvic cavity and may have affected the lungs, bones, and pelvic lining. Treatment options depend on the stage of the cancer and its location. Treatment for stage IV cancers will depend on the type of the cancer and how far it has spread.

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Most cases of vaginal cancer involve squamous cell carcinoma. However, there are also secondary types, including adenocarcinomas and clear cell carcinomas. Men and women of reproductive age should see a doctor for suspicious bleeding after intercourse. A woman may also experience painful urination. Painful urination may also be a symptom of vaginal cancer. If the vaginal cancer has spread to the bladder, the woman may experience pain or burning while urinating.

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The most common type of vaginal cancer is squamous cell carcinoma, which develops in the glandular tissues. It occurs most commonly in women who have their mothers take hormones during pregnancy, such as diethylstilbestrol. DES was prescribed to women during the 1940s and 1970s to reduce the risk of miscarriage. Other rare types of vaginal cancer are melanomas, sarcomas, and lymphomas.

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During a pelvic examination, your doctor may perform a Pap test, a colposcopy, or both. This procedure uses a speculum to examine the cervix and vagina. If the doctor detects a suspicious area, they may biopsy it for further examination. If the cancer cells have spread throughout the body, additional tests may be necessary. Some doctors recommend a biopsy if symptoms are persistent.

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If you suspect that you have vaginal cancer, consult a specialist. They will discuss treatment options, potential side effects, and practical concerns. Take your time and make an informed decision. A doctor will order tests to determine what stage the cancer is at. Stage refers to how far the cancer has spread and its size. The grade also gives you an idea of how fast the cancer may develop. While your doctor will discuss your treatment options with you, remember that the symptoms are not the final word.

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The prognosis for vaginal cancer depends on the stage in which the cancer has spread. Patients who develop the disease early can often be successfully treated, and according to the National Institutes of Health, survival rates for stage I and stage II are 80% to 90%. However, if the cancer spreads to distant parts of the body, the prognosis is much poorer, with a lower likelihood of survival. Even if you feel perfectly healthy, you should check with your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.

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Treatment for stage I and stage II vaginal cancers may consist of radiation therapy, surgery, or chemotherapy. Radiation therapy involves x-rays to kill cancer cells, which is used in advanced stages to control the symptoms of vaginal cancer. Radiotherapy, however, is only effective for a small part of the body and may not be suitable for the entire vagina. In addition, chemotherapy is sometimes used to treat symptoms of stage III or IV cancers.

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Women who develop stage I and stage II vaginal cancer may have no noticeable symptoms, and it may only be detected during a routine gynecological exam. Symptoms can also be caused by an infection or a virus. If you have these symptoms, however, see your doctor for a test to make sure that you have the disease. It may be vaginal cancer but it is difficult to tell.

There are two types of vaginal cancer, squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma.

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Squamous cell cancer begins in the cells that line the vagina. Squamous cell cancer typically occurs in the cervix and womb, while adenocarcinoma develops in the glandular tissues of the vagina. Adenocarcinoma can spread to other areas of the body, including the bladder and rectum. It can also spread from the cervix to the uterus or womb.



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